Mini 50

Mini 50 Valved Amp

Mini50 is a 100% valved amp with surprising 50W power. Mini50 has two channels and all the weapons you'll need to knock everyone's socks off. To study, in the studio, rehearsing or on stage? Mini50 is the amp for any situation! Loop effects, power reducer, volume boost, line output... These are just some of the weapons that make mini50 so versatile and powerful.

The clean channel is fat and clear. With great basses, the sound will fill up every corner of the room. This channel pumps up what Sollo does best: even more versatility and coming together incredibly well with pedals, as usuals.

Now, let's talk about the drive channel... oooh the drive channel. Creamy when you want it, angry when you need it. You'll be impressed with the aggressiveness on this little one.

Weight: Light (10.5 kg)

Dimensions: Small (35cm x 24.5cm x 23.5cm)

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Over the top

50W of pure punch in the face with power reducer, loop effects, volume boost and line output. Believe it, you won’t be needing anything else! (It does take pedals pretty well, of course).

Choose between 5W, 20W or 50W with the power reducer and fry up the valves without bringing the house down or forgetting the crystal clear clean on stage.

Geared up

Along with the Mini50, you’ll get a bag to carry your warrior. And of course the arsenal won’t be complete without the footswitch for channels and volume boost and the cables, all included.


Ready to rock

Mini50 doesn’t run from a fight and beats up many of the big guys out there. This pitbull on steroids with Rock’n Roll soul will be your go-to soldier when it’s time to bring shit down.



Choose a sample below, hit play and know it better!



  • 2 channels: Clean and Drive. Selectable via switch on front panel or via footswitch (included);
  • Channel 1 (clean) controls: Bass, Mid, Treble and Volume;
  • Channel 2 (drive) controls: Gain, Bass, Mid, Treble and Volume;
  • Tube Effects Loop;
  • Volume boost with level control on front panel and switchable via footswitch (included);
  • Line out with level control on rear panel;
  • 50W of tube RMS power (attenuator for 20 or 5W);
  • On/Off/Standby switch on front panel;
  • 4 x 12ax7 tubes from JJ on pre-amp and 2 x EL34 tube from JJ on power amp;
  • Outputs to 4, 8 and 16 ohms cabinets;
  • Ready to 110 or 220V (switchable from rear panel);
  • Weight: 10,5kg;
  • Unboxed dimensions (W x H x D): 35.0 cm x 24.5 cm x 23.5 cm.


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