There are some rockin' musicians making some good sounds with our Amps. Check out who's already part of the family.


Marcelo Barbosa Guitarist at Angra, Almah and Khallice, Marcelo Barbosa needs no introductions. He's an out of this world player and an awesome person. We're so proud to have him in the family.
Andy Ferreira Don't get fooled by his Brazilian swagger, Andy Ferreira takes his work (very) seriously. The guy's fantastic work has been gathering more and more recognition, especially with his participation on the promising Cadillac S.A. .
Johnatha Bastos You have to see it to believe it. This guy's gift and hard work are fantastic. Unsurprisingly, this prodigy kid is beloved wherever he goes, conquering some music giants' respect, such as Juninho Afram and Andy Timmons (yep, the guy's an idol for mr. Timmons!)
Leandro Martins The Brazilian samurai! Our brother Leandro Martins (really) knows everything about electric guitars. Besides being a monster while playing, he's the best producer in town! His solo work has been gathering more and more national and international territory.